Bordeaux 2016: Andrew Black über den Jahrgang

Thiemo Kausch
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Die Weinlese gehört zu den spannendsten Zeiten des Weinjahres. Was bringt der kommende Jahrgang? Wie haben die Reben das Wetter vertragen? Wie hoch ist das Potenzial? Fragen über Fragen: Deswegen hat Andrew Black, der renommierte britische, in Bordeaux lebende Weinjournalist, sich in seiner Wahlheimat umgehört, um herauszufinden was wir vom anstehenden Jahrgang 2016 erwarten können.

Andrew Black – Première Presse

After unparalleled weather conditions during the 2016 vine cycle in Bordeaux, with 12 months of rain in six months and possibly the driest summer for over a century, how could the Bordeaux vineyard not only withstand these climatic extremes but also end up producing, in many cases, high quality balanced wines? Growers appear at a loss to explain it. The sad scenes of stressed-out vines with brown leaves were far from the norm and largely represented young vines growing in sandy-gravel soils. And while clay-limestone terroirs managed the drought quite comfortably, especially after a downpour on September 13th, grapes growing on gravel soils succeeded in ripening slowly but surely thanks to ideal late September and early October weather. The vats show huge promise, and what’s more, volume is higher than expected. While some are looking forward to quality on a par with 2015, others are comparing the 2016, with its fresh aromatics and high acidity, to 2010. Some are even looking further back to other high quality, high volume vintages like 1990 or even 1982. The weather patterns in Rioja and Ribera del Duero were similar, except that the end of August and beginning of September were excessively hot causing some vines to shut down for a while, though cooler terroirs and good vineyard management ensured very good wines were made.“ – Andrew Black

Bordeaux 2016: Stimmen zum Jahrgang

Pierre Lurton (Château Yquem & Cheval Blanc):

It does seem that, in Bordeaux generally, we’ve come out of a nightmare and found paradise.

Pauline Vauthier (Château Ausone):

The Ausone vineyard is looking absolutely superb. It hasn’t had any water stress or downy mildew. We’re very confident about this vintage.

Alexandre Thienpont (Vieux Château Certan):

The 2016 is amazingly suave. The crème de tête is absolutely superb. In terms of quality, the best lots are on a par with 2015, possibly better.

Frédéric Faye (Château Figeac):

I don’t remember a year quite like it, and the potential of the vintage is very promising.

Vincent Priou (Château Beauregard):

But in its entirety it’s a one-off. Given everything we’ve gone through, it’s pretty exciting.

Mickaël Orbert (Château Gazin):

Assessing the overall quality is quite tricky. There were some disappointing lots, but at the same time there were parcels that were superior in quality to 2015.

Thomas Duclos:

I was just so impressed by how the vines coped with the stress, and how the grapes tasted so fruity at the end of August. I really had feared they would be cooked. But they were pleasant and aromatic.

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