Bordeaux 2017: Andrew Black sammelt erste Winzerstimmen

Oliver Dalichow
Bisher hat Oliver im Einkauf bei GUTE WEINE gearbeitet und ist nun ins Marketing gewechselt. Hier ist er u.a. verantworlich für den Blog. Außerdem gehört er fest zum Verkostungsteam um unseren Chef.

Nach den beiden Ausnahme-Jahren 2015 und 2016 waren die Erwartungen für 2017 sowieso vorsichtig. Und dann kamen die ganzen Hiobsbotschaften, die wegen des Wetters einen riesengroßen Ernteverlust, bis hin zum Totalausfall, verkündeten. Aber was sagen die Winzer, wie sah das erhaltene Lesegut aus, wie ist die Prognose?

Andrew Black, der renommierte britische, in Bordeaux lebende Weinjournalist, hat sich wie jedes Jahr in seiner Wahlheimat umgehört, um herauszufinden, was wir vom anstehenden Jahrgang 2017 erwarten können. Hier ein paar gesammelte Stimmen...

Andrew Black – Première Presse

The 2017 Vintage Post-Malo

In 2017, wine producers in many areas of Bordeaux and northern Spain had to contend with devastating spring frosts and drought. The realities of having to adjust to a smaller production and in some cases practically no crop at all in 2017 have been a major preoccupation for many growers. And while reports have suggested that undamaged vineyards may have produced high quality wines in this vintage, what about those vineyards hit by frost that re-budded and went on to produce a second generation crop? Did it ripen, and if so, could it really be as good as the first generation crop? With the malo-lactics completed, a somewhat clearer picture emerges of what turned out to be for some a year with two distinct vintages; for others an almost normal vintage; and for a  number of unfortunate growers, no vintage at all.

– Andrew Black

Bordeaux 2017: Stimmen zum Jahrgang

Pierre Olivier Clouet

Pierre-Olivier Clouet (Cheval Blanc):

“The 2017 will be unique. First of all, because two generations of fruit will be in the blend. Secondly, because in 2017 there will be an unusually high proportion of Cabernet Sauvignon in the First Wine.”

Pauline Vauthier

Pauline Vauthier (Château Ausone):

“We waited as long as possible for the frost-affected vines to produce a second generation crop, but in the end most of the fruit wasn’t perfectly ripe.”

Guillaume Thienpont (Vieux Château Certan):

“The first impressions are that 2017 is of a comparable quality to 2015 and even 2016.”

Marielle Cazaux

Marielle Cazaux (Château La Conseillante):

“There’s good body coming from the clay soils, lovely elegance from the gravel soils. But right across the vineyard all the plots have performed at an equally high level.”

Frederic Faye

Frédéric Faye (Château Figeac):

“It’s a very fine year for Cabernet and particularly for our Cabernet Sauvignon planted on gravel. This is on a par with the Cabernet Sauvignon of the 2015 and 2016 vintages.”

Vincent Priou

Vincent Priou (Château Beauregard):

“Our Cabernet Franc was so good I decided to vinify, as a trial, one of the batches with the stems.”

Peter Sissek: (Pingus)

“2017 is definitely the best vintage of PSI we’ve made to date. But it was such hard work.”