Andrew Black über Bordeaux 2016

Thiemo Kausch
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Andrew Black, britischer Journalist, hat sich bereits mehrfach zum anstehenden Jahrgang 2016 in Bordeaux umgehört:

Bordeaux 2016: Andrew Black über den Jahrgang

Nach der Malo: Andrew Black über Bordeaux 2016

Die Malolaktische Gärung hinter sich gebracht, verbringen die Weine die nächsten Monate im Fass. Was folgt ist nun die Zeit der Primeurproben, in der sich der Jahrgang erneut beweisen muss. Bleiben die positiven Eindrücke bestehen oder hat sich etwas verändert?

Andrew Black – Première Presse

The 2016 vintage

Bordeaux growers, it would appear, are still pinching themselves. How on earth did the 2016 vintage manage it? The unparalleled weather pattern was a rollercoaster that many growers still can’t believe they got through, and since the malo-lactics were completed, the wines have just kept getting better and better. And there’s plenty of it! Some refuse to compare this vintage with any other; others see similarities with 2010 or 1982. The reality is that while the majority of top-end 2016 wines may have the fabulous acidity and tannic structure of a 2010, the en primeur samples will at the same time be so expressive, fresh, balanced and aromatic that tasters will feel that the wines are almost ready to drink. No wonder growers can’t believe it! In Spain, Ribera del Duero and Rioja have similar stories to tell, but for now all eyes (and noses) are on Bordeaux.

– Andrew Black

Bordeaux 2016: Stimmen zum Jahrgang

Pierre Olivier Clouet

Pierre-Olivier Clouet (Château Yquem & Cheval Blanc):

[...] 1947, 1961 and 1990. All three were stunning, legendary, outstanding vintages [...]. 2010 and 2016, however, are quintessential Cheval Blanc.

Pauline Vauthier

Pauline Vauthier (Château Ausone):

The fantastic acidities that you find in both 2010 and 2016 give these wines a similar Bordeaux classicism, although the 2016 has an early attractiveness that makes it delicious to taste now.

Alexandre Thienpont

Alexandre Thienpont (Vieux Château Certan):

In terms of quality, 2016 is an absolutely outstanding vintage. It’s on a par with 1928 and 1929, even better than 1950, and possibly superior to 2010.

Frederic Faye

Frédéric Faye (Château Figeac):

But it was only when the blend was finally made that the awesome quality of this vintage hit me.

Vincent Priou

Vincent Priou (Château Beauregard):

The aromatics are already very attractive. However, the 2016s won’t be ready to drink till after the 2015s.

Marielle Cazaux

Marielle Cazaux (Château La Conseillante):

Structure is an important element in the 2016, but the impression on the palate is one of an iron hand in a velvet glove.

Thomas Duclos

Thomas Duclos:

The feature of this vintage is that you can taste a great number of samples and your palate doesn’t get tired. The freshness of the wines keeps you going.